The Magic Zone – Turning Stress into an Asset

▪Popular Press on Stress ▪Burn Out ▪The Motivation Culture ▪Recharge Don’t Endure
Is what Americans value most, inherently stressful? Professional and personal stress is an extremely difficult construct to define, but we know it affects people, performance, creativity, and motivation. This seminar teaches trainable skills to identify stressors, eliminate behavior that causes stress, and to reverse the stress cycle which leads to increased motivation and productivity.

Power of Perception

Studies show that 90% of error in thinking is due to error in perception.
Five barriers to success are: resistance to change, limited direction, inappropriate motivators, overload and distractions, and no clear decision-making process. Learn to alter ambiguous perceptions, push back on barriers that curtail success, and begin to build momentum and personal profitability. Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know; identify what is holding you back and develop skills to improve performance.

Build a Successful Teamwork Culture

▪Thinking styles ▪Emotional intelligence ▪Self-guided change ▪Productivity barriers
Employers lose between $250 and $300 billion dollars in lost productivity every year. What is it costing you? Fostering teamwork begins by creating a work culture that values collaboration, and believes that thinking, planning, and decision-making are better when done cooperatively. To create successful teams, powerful action must occur. This seminar teaches essential strategies to reduce inefficiency and create a productive, innovative teamwork culture.

Speak Right – Effective Communication

▪Communication barriers ▪Power words ▪Conflict styles ▪Motivation culture
What are you really saying? Strategic alignment is essential to sustaining high business performance and occurs when people in an organization are effectively collaborating and communicating. Poor communication lies at the root of many team problems. This seminar teaches skills to eliminate communication barriers and interference, increase emotional intelligence, overcome conflict, welcome diversity, and enhance interpersonal relationships.

Know Your Value – Beyond Bias and Barriers

Positive action = Optimal performance
Learn to look beyond bias and barriers by overcoming deficits and capitalizing on innate talents. Building success strategies begins by transforming vision to create a personal “strength formula.” This seminar teaches skills to identify barriers that limit success by recognizing blind spots, managing weaknesses, resources and accountability. Optimal choices and performance begin by controlling what you have power over, not by craving control over what you don’t.

Build Your Brilliance

▪Pursue your passions    ▪Stop the bully inside ▪ Self-affirmations ▪ Identify your power
The secret to personal brilliance is to focus on building the new, letting go of the old, and altering behavior that limits personal choices and potential. This seminar teaches strategies to identify strengths, reframe negative labels, and self-motivate. When you identify your passions and strengths you begin to enhance self-belief, professional connections, and personal performance. Awareness of perception, positive choices, and authenticity create brilliance!

Color Your Life Happy

▪Personality and happiness    ▪Living balanced ▪ Dare to unplug ▪ Give back
What predicts happiness and how happy are people? Love, interpersonal relationships, job satisfaction and genetics influence happiness. Happiness is subjective and varies from person to person. Each day you choose to feel joy or to be miserable. This presentation explores the roots of happiness and introduces strategies to help you color your life happy!

Create A Personal Style

Proportion, line, color, accessories! This presentation teaches fashion savvy.
Vikki Carrel knows fashion; she spent fifteen years working as a show choreographer for national designers in the world of high fashion. Learn current fashion trends, best bets and risks for your body type, the secret behind line, proportion, accessories, and how to build a workable wardrobe. Invest in yourself!

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