Jenny LaytonSpeaker, Author, Coach

    After years of privately struggling with food addictions and her body image, Jenny Layton finally began to experience peace in her life as she discovered the power of self-love and acceptance. During this long personal journey of self-awareness, Jenny became convinced that life is so good, and can be that way for everyone – regardless of their circumstances. It has become her passion to empower anyone, in any situation, to discover this for themselves. She advocates such strategies as fitness and nutrition, spirituality, and mindful awareness in achieving this new view on life.

    Jenny, an enthusiastic and inspirational public speaker, enjoys speaking on such topics as fitness and nutrition, self-love and acceptance, breaking through the cultural influence on body image, achieving order in the home and personal life, personal empowerment and success, goal setting and time management, and the incredible role your mind plays in helping you to see life differently.

    Jenny is the creator of the blog, a devoted wife, a busy mother of five children, and the CEO of a bustling, joyful, and productive home.

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