Darin AdamsAuthor, Speaker, TV personality, Passionator

    It took about 30 years of TV cameras and news scripts.  Then, the lights came on.

    That’s when award-winning broadcaster Darin Adams discovered that the secret of TV is the secret of life.  It’s always better with passion.  He’s done just about everything when it comes to TV.  As a lifestyle host, he tracked down celebrities like Martha Stewart and Pat Sajak.  As a sports anchor, he has tried his hand at rodeo riding on a runaway horse.  As a weather anchor, he drew pictures of animals in the satellite clouds and as a morning feature reporter, he has eaten crickets and had liposuction performed on him while talking on camera. Through it all, passion is the common thread that makes it successful.

    From large corporations to entrepreneurs, from university or high school students to teachers’ associations, his message of passion hits home.  It is laugh-out-loud funny, thought-provoking, and get-you-fired-up motivating.  Audiences love learning how passion will make their work and life better.  Passion is happiness. Passion is power. Passion is success.

    In his book, Lights, Camera Passion, he shares compelling and entertaining stories from the TV studio and his own life that help people discover and engage their own passions.

    He also conducts workshops in effective social media, attracting publicity for your projects, and presentation/media skills.

    He has worked at TV stations from Louisville, Kentucky to Kalispell, Montana–from Boston, Massachusetts to Pocatello, Idaho. He currently lives in Utah with his wife and four children.

    To learn more about Darin, visit www.darinspeaks.com

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