Barry MoniakNational Speaker and Owner of "End In Mind"

    A devastating back injury brought Barry Moniak, a successful Organizational Therapist, to a profound realization of what it takes to build and maintain a powerful, profitable organization.

    With hard-earned instructor certifications in swimming, lifesaving, scuba, martial arts, and skiing, Barry was bulletproof – or so he thought. However, following a fun day on the lake with clients and friends, he collapsed on the floor of his home in searing waves of pain. Overdeveloped secondary and tertiary muscles had overpowered underdeveloped core muscles, and made a train wreck of his spinal column. His active physical lifestyle came to a screeching halt. No more hiking, biking, weight lifting, cardio – not even yoga.

    Decades of focused strength-building had actually caused debilitating injury.

    So it often is with our organizations.

    When we become focused on secondary and tertiary strength (marketing, sales, production, finance) at the expense of core strength (developing synergistic cultures with extraordinary leaders and interdependent teams), our organizational structure is compromised.

    The principles which heal and rehabilitate a human body can likewise heal and strengthen a corporate body. Barry’s speaking and consulting is rooted and grounded in his long-held assertion that individual, interpersonal and organizational core development provides the fitness, strength and integration essential to achieve and maintain anything of significant worth.

    Today, Barry national speaking and consulting firm, End In Mind, helps enhance organizations’ core strength by creating synergistic cultures of mission focused leaders and profitable, interdependent teams.


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