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Our seminars teach fundamental tools to redirect behaviors and habits, build confidence and clarity, and develop strong leadership skills. We focus on key learning concepts to enhance:

  • Perception
  • Change
  • Motivation
  • Productivity

Our training programs focus on people not processes, and are interactive with audience engagement through small group work, pair share, and hands-on examples. All presentation materials are innovative based on current research trends and informative using a strategy-based approach with practical application tools. Packages are customized to meet your organization’s needs.

Vikki Carrel & Company provides seminars that speak to many current issues and challenges found in today’s corporate, community, and collegiate environments. We empower people to empower themselves.

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Corporate Empowerment

Achieve corporate success by maximizing employee productivity, increasing focus and vision, and developing stronger success strategies

ACT Now: The Corporate Empowerment Project

Book: Puzzle Pieces by: Vikki Carrel

Community Empowerment

Feel capable by increasing confidence, competency, and personal productivity

  • Master empowerment and position yourself for success by altering ambiguous perceptions and identifying your resistance to change.
  • Increase confidence and clarity by eliminating self-induced limitations through relabeling.
  • Maximize optimal performance by converting fear to freedom, decreasing stressors, and identifying barriers that prevent momentum.

Book: Switching Lanes by: Vikki Carrel

Teen Empowerment

Build confidence and self-esteem in teens

• This forum teaches teens to feel empowered, confident and capable. Teens will discover skills to build a life of stability, manage social media, control emotional triggers and bullying, promote self- advocacy, and gain self-esteem and a healthy body image.

Balanced choices = Positive self-belief

Mother Daughter Empowerment

Build successful mother daughter relationships

Book: Chloe’s Closet by: Vikki Carrel and Shelley Ashby

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