Mother Daughter Empowerment Project

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Build successful mother daughter relationships.

Mother Daughter Connection Seminar by author Vikki Carrel




Mother Daughter Connection teaches strategies to build confidence in girls and to strengthen the mother daughter relationship.

CONNECT with yourself and feel capable

EMPOWER yourself with confidence and self-belief

BELIEVE in your mother daughter relationship

Mothers are ROLE models for their daughters.
A mother’s beliefs and behaviors influence her daughter’s thoughts and actions; this has more power and influence than any other factor in her life.

Program Deliverables

Girls will discover skills to:

  • Recognize the power of positive thoughts and actions
  • Be accountable
  • Live a balanced lifestyle
  • Remove negative labels
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Learn to lead out
  • Choose to have a healthy body image

This interactive, hands-on presentation provides an enriching experience guaranteed to renew and revitalize one of life’s most meaningful connections – the mother daughter relationship.

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