Puzzle Pieces by Vikki Carrel

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Puzzle Pieces Paperback – March 20, 2014

by Vikki Carrel (Author)

Every day is a challenge. How do we meet deadlines and face daily pressures of relationships, family, and work with joy and enthusiasm? How can we put the pieces of our life’s puzzle together without feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, and unhappy?

Are pieces missing from your “personal puzzle?”

What are they, and how can you reclaim them?

Read Puzzle Pieces. You’ll discover strategies and insights to help you build confidence, feel capable and achieve success.

Puzzle pieces found in this book include tools to:

  • build your brilliance
  • improve self-esteem
  • re-frame personal labels
  • identify your resistance to change
  • live a life of purpose
  • decrease stress while increasing productivity
  • resolve interpersonal conflict through assertive communication

Identifying those missing pieces in your life is the first step. This book shows you how.

  • “Vikki Carrel has done an outstanding job of providing poignant, valuable and exciting insights into today’s 21st century family and life environment. This is a book that you cannot put down once you open the front cover!”

    Joe Michels, PhD, P.E., C.P.L.
    Joe Michels, PhD, P.E., C.P.L. Principal, Solomon Bruce Consulting LLC
  • “Puzzle Pieces is an insightful collection of articles that inspire adults, teens, parents and business leaders alike to acknowledge their power of choice. Success and happiness are a choice. Being recently divorced and a new business owner, I am discovering puzzle pieces I never knew I had. Thanks Vikki, for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with the world.”

    Kabi Catalano
    Kabi Catalano Director of Development, Make-A-Wish Utah
  • “The content in Puzzle Pieces feels active, interesting. It puts me in the mode to take action. It works for me.”

    Jane Thomas Television Producer
switching lanes by vikki carrel

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Switching Lanes: A Woman’s Road Map to Balance and Joy

May 1, 2004
by Vikki Carrel (Author)

Is your life balanced?
Do you feel joy each day?


An imbalanced life will decrease your self-esteem and create negative feelings such as discouragement, unhappiness, and stress. These feelings affect your daily routine, personal perceptions, and move you away from feeling joy. Balancing your life begins with YOU taking action!

Switching Lanes is a realistic, hands-on approach to finding your personal road map to balance and joy. This book provides the necessary tools and strategies to assist you in the balancing process. Tools found in this book include:

  • The Joy Circle – identifying behaviors that interfere with obtaining balance in your daily choices and lifestyle
  • The Action Plan for Joy – recognizing what holds you back from feeling joy
  • The Value Structure Chart – defining your set of values to increase the meaning and purpose in your life
  • Self Inventory Exercise –increasing your self-esteem by altering personal perceptions and behaviors
  • Seven Steps to Recharge Your Life – simplifying your life, and adjusting your attitude to feel increased balance, joy, and energy
  • As you “switch lanes” on the roads you travel, allow these tools to help you move toward securing inner peace and balance in your life. Read Switching Lanes and reclaim your feelings of personal joy.
chloes closet by vikki carrel

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Chloe’s Closet: The Treasures Within

by Shelley Ashby & Vikki Carrel

Do you believe there are valuable treasures in your closet? Chloe Clark did not think closet cleaning sounded fun, but that is exactly what her mother asked her to do before leaving for college…clean her entire closet!

Come along with Chloe and discover how her cleaning project turns into a wonderful gift of discovery. As she opens each box from her past, Chloe uncovers hidden treasures from family, teachers and friends. Roll up your sleeves and join this eighteen year old, fictional character and see what treasures you can find in your closet as you learn from Chloe’s great adventure!!

Woven throughout the pages of Chloe’s Closet…the treasure within, are messages that will teach its reader profound life lessons:

  • A good friend loves you for who you are.
  • Have a positive attitude and look on the bright side of life.
  • A label is only powerful if you believe it.
  • Treasure the gifts in your life…and much more!
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