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ACT Now: The Corporate Empowerment Project
Accept Change ▪ Create Momentum ▪ Transform Vision

Achieve corporate success by maximizing employee productivity, increasing focus and vision, and developing strong success strategies.

ACT Now Program Deliverables

Strategic alignment within an organization/team is essential to sustaining high business performance and occurs when people in the organization are collaborating, communicating and moving in the same direction. Ineffective communication, distractions, conflict, a lack of accountability, and low morale create corporate dysfunction.

Corporate alignment is essential.

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The Gallup Organization reports that employers lose between $250 and $300 billion dollars in lost productivity every year.


How much is it
costing you?

Vikki Carrel ACT Now Program

Training Packages are customizable to
meet your organization’s needs and are:


with audience engagement through small group work and hands-on examples.


with cutting-edge information from new research trends.


with a strategy-based approach and practical application tools.

  • “Vikki empowers and motivates people to increase their personal power, remove barriers, embrace change, and maximize their potential. She has an innovative and interactive speaking style that blends strategy-driven concepts, personal stories, and humor to teach and inspire diverse audiences. She is a master at empowering and motivating people to increase their confidence and passion for life. Her delivery is engaging, fun, and life-altering!”

    Bette Taylor
    Bette Taylor Business Development, America First Credit Union – Utah
  • “Vikki is an engaging speaker. Through the use of impactful visuals and examples, she taught the importance, the necessity of embracing change and using change to empower oneself. I highly recommend Vikki, she will positively change how you view and react to change.”

    LLOYD GLENN President, Manchester Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Colorado
  • Vikki Carrel’s presentation Go Red, Be Brilliant at our Go Red Luncheon was both inspiring and motivating. Vikki’s empowering presentation helped attendees reframe their perceptions, own their lifestyle, raise their voices and make a commitment to changes in their lifestyle. Her engaging, interactive style helped the women of Utah Go Red to improve their heart health.”

    Laura Western
    Laura Western Executive Director, Utah American Heart Association
  • The first time I heard Vikki Carrel speak, I was so impressed I recommended her to a client of mine. Her energy, knowledge and engaging style captures her audience in a way that leaves a lasting impression. Participative exercises make Vikki's sessions fun and fast-paced. I recommend her to any audience who is willing to engage, learn and have fun in the process!

    Mary Ann Holladay
    Mary Ann Holladay President, Holladay & Associates
  • “There is a lot of pressure when you are planning an event to have a “Really Good” keynote speaker. The keynote speaker really sets the tone for the conference. Vikki Carrel set a great tone for our conference and left everyone with good information and inspiration to take back to the work place. I really enjoyed how her presentation ideas were motivating to do better in the workforce but also in all areas of life.”

    Angie Mann
    Angie Mann Co-chair of Statewide UPEA Conference
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Vikki Carrel Produces Results

Ready to maximize employee productivity,
increase focus and vision, and develop
stronger success strategies?
Invest in your team today!

Vikki’s innovative approach is strategy-driven and based on the latest professional development trends. As a dynamic speaker, trainer, and presenter, Vikki delivers effective presentations to diverse corporate audiences. With 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, she has instructed, motivated, and led hundreds of individuals and teams to success.

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