Vikki Carrel and Company offers innovative training for corporations, community organizations, and on college campuses across the United States. With over 25 years of experience we instruct, motivate, and lead individuals and teams to success. Owned and operated by Vikki Carrel, we are located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Build confidence. Feel Capable. Achieve success.

Our programs deliver effective, strategy-driven seminars that teach fundamental skill sets to:

  • Elevate self-perception
  • Increase emotional intelligence
  • Identify thinking and conflict styles
  • Implement solutions to manage stress
  • Recognize productivity barriers
  • Foster effective communication and collaboration
  • Promote self-guided change
  • Enhance executive functioning skills


We live in a fast-paced world that is full of daily challenges. Strategic improving corporate communicationalignment within your organization/team is essential to sustaining high business performance and occurs when people in the organization are collaborating, communicating, and moving in the same direction. Ineffective communication, distractions, a lack of accountability, and low morale create corporate dysfunction.

– Strategic alignment is essential.

team buildingTeens and collegians are seeking guidance, empowerment, and personal security while attempting to develop the skills necessary to overcome harsh difficulties on a daily basis. Bullying, harassment, low self-esteem, and pressures of social media are but a fragment of what they must handle every day. These issues are real, difficult to cope with, and require empowerment strategies to navigate effectively.

We empower people to empower themselves!

Self-direct Change, Increase Productivity, Empower Lives!

Whether you are a manager of employees who lack motivation, a parent of a child with low self-esteem, a teen being bullied, or an adult overwhelmed by life changes, our programs speak to many issues. Our cutting-edge presentations are exceptionally crafted to help individuals develop confident, productive, and empowered lives.

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